Mountainland Association of Governments

Acting for and in behalf of

Utah County Council of Governments

Local Corridor Preservation Fund

Application for Funds

Due to the limited amount of funds available, jurisdictions are strongly encouraged to exhaust other avenues for acquisition prior to applying for funds.

Before consideration of awarding funds can occur, the following must be completed and submitted with this application

  1. Documentation by applicant of prior use of all appropriate resources available to the highway authority to acquire property rights, including but not limited to: use of other local funds, exactions, increased setback requirements, or other planning and zoning tools.
  2. Initial approach to property owner and obtaining a certified property appraisal.
  3. Securing of a Willing Seller Certification document.
Part 1: Use of Other Resources

Discuss with MAG staff the efforts to obtain the property by planning and zoning powers, development incentive, donation, or other means prior to applying for these funds. Document these efforts

Part 2: Initial Approach to Property Owner

Contact MAG staff prior to any discussions with the property owner of purchase price or commitments to purchase, and for any questions.

DO NOT tender any offer to purchase the property interest at this time

If the property owner agrees to consider selling, the applicant orders a property appraisal from a certified appraiser that is acceptable to both parties. For properties intended for future use by UDOT, the appraiser should be listed on the current UDOT Consultant Services Right of Way Services and Local Government Pool

The costs of the appraisal can be reimbursed to the applicant only if the funding request is approved.

Part 3: Application

  1. Provide information about the properties to be acquired:

  2. Which Eligible Corridor is the project located within or adjacent to? (see Corridor Preservation – Eligible Corridors map)

  3. Is the project listed on the applicant’s official master plan?

  4. Has the applicant begun or completed a relevant state or federal environmental study?

    1. If not, is the applicant willing to conduct such a study?
  5. Will the roadway be a UDOT or a local government facility?

    If the project will be a state facility and the applicant is a city or county, attach copies of:


  6. OR

    NOTES – 1) It is highly recommended that any purchases for a state facility be negotiated and finalized by UDOT Right of Way Division. 2) After funds are awarded but prior to any offer of purchase, UDOT and Utah County must execute a repurchase agreement specific to the property.

  7. Attachments
    1. 8” x 11” map PDF indicating the future roadway project extents and the location of the properties to be acquired, with detail showing parcel boundaries and anticipated right of way footprint